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Rant 6/2/10

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

We are appalled at the prospect of the venal antics of the banking elite being subsidised by public sector redundancies. Debate on this issue never oversteps the boundaries of the prevailing political system, whose functionaries continue to thrive on the inertia of the rest of us. You can tell by the regularity with which socialism, communism or any other alternative to capitalism is maligned in the press and on radio or television, that the prospect of ‘civil unrest’ is at least faintly ruffling the parlour curtains of the establishment. Nevertheless, anyone with any sense of social justice knows that ‘quantitative easing’ means robbing the poor to pay the rich.

The defenders of capitalism are practised in verbally manoeuvring around the gaping pits in the free market landscape and can even squeeze out a bit of mild reformism when pushed on all sides. But their real triumph is in the maintenance of a veneer of plausibility for a system that makes an assumption of exploitation, ruthless expropriation and flagrant lying. This is where these fanatical individualists are at their most community spirited. Joining together with their friends in the media, monotonously chanting their nursery rhyme arguments, stating and restating the case for business as usual: this is the only church where they can raise a common voice.

Is anyone listening? Does anyone really believe that the wealth they labour to create is better left to the rich to distribute? Will we fight back when they take our jobs and slash our services? It’s going to be a hard year for most of us. We need to stop listening and start shouting.