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Rant 15/5/10

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

So now it’s our turn to experience democracy as the whitewash on daylight robbery. As Iraq and Afghanistan endure the brutal imposition of an alien political system, a system originally founded on slavery, we in the UK witness a glee club of public asset strippers relishing their chance to kill off what remains of the society that fattened their wallets.

The lust for power won out over any vestige of principle last week as the political class ate itself in an orgy of self congratulation and lies. Public interest and stable government are the varnish on a worm eaten cabinet of elderly men and Fauntleroys, hell bent on letting their chums off the £125 billion worth of uncollected taxes that would lift us out of debt. The bristling arsenal, the jerry built nuclear plants, the tax cuts for the rich are all back on a crowded agenda of dispossession and exclusion. Even democracy eats dirt as the gloaters give themselves a full 5 year term in the teeth of looming public misery while making it harder to boot them out. As they wall themselves into Westminster in their cosy adjoining offices the rest of us are shivering in elderly housing stock, worrying whether we can afford next winters fuel bills. In this election, nobody got what they wanted and we’re stuck with it anyway.

When are we going to stop hoping for social justice and a fairer society from a class of politicians born into wealth, whose social and professional networks are the jet set elite and who can’t see the point of services their chums can afford not to bother with? When will we realise that the unpaid work we all endure is shoring up the rich in their untaxed mansions, and give up begging them for crumbs? When will we learn from the spirit of nationalist resistance in Iraq and Afghanistan and start fighting for the self determination that generations have struggled for? Now that the Greeks are showing us how, will we finally cast off the shackles and demand the fairer society we know is our right?