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Spending Review Rant

Sunday, October 31st, 2010

UK political life narrowed drastically when the Labour party abandoned socialism, but with a bully boy robber baron in the saddle what chance does a dying horse stand these days? Those of us who believe that civilisation consists in equal opportunities, educational prospects, healthcare and a share in the value we create must prepare to kick back against an elite that knows nothing but the law of the jungle.

As ever the media have signed up to the extreme right wing agenda of the wadded few, dragging ancient Tories out to spew a torrent of “green shoots” and other tripe all over the facts. The only folk you never hear from are those likely to be out of work by Christmas. If some news report about a light engineering company folding with a loss of hundreds of jobs ever worried you, how about the half a million about to be dropped off a cliff? Panicky private sector cheerleaders bleat daily about taking up the slack but nobody mentions what kind of work is on offer, if any. We can’t help thinking you can forget what’s left of your evenings, weekends and holidays in this new Union-free McParadise.

Don’t lets kid ourselves, the rich are richer than ever and they can cope with any amount of benefit slashing. While their mates in power are hobbling the Inland Revenue, the average toff’s only worry is not laughing themselves to death. A supertax might sort that one and if they want to emigrate, let them. After all, anyone on benefits is fair game for a bit of shoving, so lets shove them back these smug parasites.

Despite what they say, there’s no such thing as a self -made millionaire. Wealth is created when the bosses pay you less than you earn for them. In other words it’s robbery. This shower of rich list Rachmans are doing their damnedest to dispossess, drive down and pauperise every public employee in the land and the longer we put up with it the higher grow the walls between us and them.

The Comprehensive Spending Review is a stark naked attack on what makes society fair and bearable; that tattered vestige of common property and fair play that eluded the privatisers back in the eighties. Labour and Tory posh boys alike bought into an international licensed racket that scuppers itself even more often than the old school hire‘em fire‘em variety. A system that keeps collapsing needs scrapping and blaming bankers, the last bunch of crooks or anyone else is like farting in the wind. The mingled stench of privilege and poverty hangs over the whole thing. If you believe in a world where the schools and universities, the workplaces and the hospitals, the culture, the present and the future belong to all of us equally, now is the time to stand up and say so. The lackeys of capitalism are rushing to prop it up by shoving the sharp end straight through your heart.