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Against the Capital

Sunday, November 14th, 2010


Rant 14/11/10

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

So finally the gloves are off! The student protest in London on Wednesday got top spot on the news and front pages, all because of the “despicable” violence that took place at Tory HQ, Millbank. This was the warning shot needed to wake the right wing press and Tory toads to the extreme anger felt by thousands of students and lecturers at the planned foreclosure of educational prospects for the majority.

“Analysts” and “experts” talked of the hijacking of a peaceful protest by a tiny minority. Yet this trashing of a few windows is nothing compared to the wrecking of millions of lives through benefit cuts, redundancies, loss of care for the elderly and mass evictions of those unable to pay rent to profiteering parasites.

On the same day as this supposedly irresponsible act came the announcement that the unemployed would be expected to accept any job offer thrown at them or face loss of benefit. Private leeches will run this programme of slave labour whilst millionaires wet themselves laughing at the paltry banking levy they’ve got away with. It’s like asking the average person to cough up an extra annual £10 from their pay packet!

Whilst the demo raged, in Parliament, the weasel Clegg spluttered about the “difficult business” of tuition fees. This coded wording translates as pre-election promises mangled in an abject pursuit of power that would make any 20th century despot blush. Shattered glass rings out a resounding crescendo of fury that will reverberate throughout the nation. Next, the glittering palaces of capital must be stormed and taken.

Tory Scum

Friday, November 5th, 2010