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Rant 13/2/11

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Tunisia was the spark and Egypt is the flame. Red-hot molten anger has poured out onto the streets, venting decades of built up fury towards dictators whose abuse of human rights is legend. Police brutality, high food prices and pitifully low wages are the normal traits of such regimes, whilst the wealthy and pampered enjoy a luxurious existence unimaginable to the average worker. It has finally become too much to bear and the call for revolution has been met with mass action.

Meanwhile the Western press has praised the move towards democracy and toppling of dictatorships, which we have propped up for generations. Phrases such as the “need for stability ” translate as the need to maintain profit for the countless US & Western companies who demand dirt-cheap labour within the region. In Cairo, empty tear gas shells are stamped “Made in the USA”. Both revolutions are balancing on a precipice; the counter-revolutionary forces will not hand over power at the drop of a hat. The police and hired thugs have already beaten and murdered hundreds at the behest of those with financial vested interests.

Israel and Western powers quiver with blind panic at the thought of workers acting together to challenge their dominance over this ever so precious region. The Palestinians will be sharply focused on the unlimited possibilities for their own destiny. Mubarak may be gone but Suleiman, his possible replacement, is a torturer par excellence and will only bring more misery to the Egyptian workers. The real question is what can they be replaced with, workers power or more barbarism?