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Rant 6/7/11

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Anyone who took part in the strikes of June 30th will have noticed, or perhaps endured is the better word, the flatulent gales of disapproval gusting in from the print and broadcast media. Most of us will also have opened the usual letter from the management sometime beforehand, reminding us of where the battle lines are drawn in the hierarchies of the public sector. Ours called the strike “pointless” but maybe one day during some improbable pause in the struggle we can all meet up and compare notes about how the scabs and class traitors in education described a glorious day of solidarity and resistance.

The rusty toolbox of invective lugged out by the elite and their cronies every time they hear their backdoors straining to hold back the multitude, is a highly amusing cowboy kit of imperialist measures, crude levers and old screws. Scouring the streets and the Web for someone prepared to run down the teachers, Toryboy hacks were forced to focus on childcare as the only conceivable point of a school for the average mum. Obviously reading and writing can be taught by anyone. Teachers plunge overnight from begrudged sainthood to scumdom any time they make a stand on principle but don’t mention those other incalculable benefits of schooling if you’re going to trash the profession. Oh and what about this spurious distinction between “taxpayers” and public sector workers? Surplus Value and the rest of the 20% of taxpayers in the public sector are lucky to have enough left for a pizza once the revenue’s finished with us. What about the £150 billion worth of tax avoidance the posh have managed to pull off? Or the billions squandered bailing out other countries bankers?

But let’s be fair, the smug thugs in power are pretty good at weeding out subversives from the lefty hothouses of the nation aren’t they? Cutting humanities funding by 100% was a clever move but we’ll have to wait to see how the UK’s world class status in the arts fares after 2012. Mind you slashing the cash to the Arts Council did a grand job of closing venues so maybe no-one will notice if our culture dies on its knees. There’s always plenty of sovs for slaughter as the cost of the genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan tops £20 billion and even Libya leaves no change out of £260 million. Those of us who are determined to call a halt to this shower of smug shits are undeterred. They’ve rewritten the rules, moved the goalposts, whitewashed themselves and their mates and now they want to scalp the poor sods who still believe in fair play. They won’t win, because they’re wrong and they’ve always been wrong and because we won’t back down.