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Rant 20/8/11

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Odd how the rich never go looting isn’t it? I mean the 1% of the UK population who own 21% of our wealth. Or rather, they do loot, but nobody sees them doing it. No glass gets broken, the televisions stay plugged in and the bonfires are too far distant to spot. In fact it’s business as usual, which, come to think of it, is probably how they get away with it. For centuries the ruling classes have been milking us for profit and robbing us blind and the sums involved are infinitely bigger than the price of a pair of pumps. They don’t get caught and clubbed over the head and you can’t watch them being led to the courtroom in cuffs or chased down the road by righteous hacks demanding penitence. Their mugshots don’t show up on hoardings and there are no campaigns to ‘shop a hedge fund manager’. Nobody passes a law to confiscate their houses or punish their Mums for spawning them. Their share of the blame is easily ducked while their bank accounts bulge with interest payments.

How would they cope without cash, without the prospect of work, stuck in some miserable dump of an estate enduring the withering contempt and routine harassment of the law? How would they manage without their inheritance, their old boy network, their cronyism, their favours paid and received, their media mates to sanitise their self-serving antics while misdirecting public rage and fogging the facts. Make no mistake, the rich set the bar for smash and grab in this country and they’ll stop at nothing to defend what John Pilger called their ‘enduring privilege’.

And of course nobody will use the ‘C’ word. Capitalism spews readies, power and political pals straight into the open pockets of the few, and crushes the rest of us into dust. Capitalism creates an unemployed labour pool to keep wages down; capitalism destroys lives, junks entire regions, divides families and neighbours and ‘turns all relations into money relations.’ The riots have nothing to do with the decline of spiritual values, or innate criminality or bad parenting or useless teachers. All these are symptoms, sprouting from the same diseased stalk and you can cut them back as much as you like, they’ll spring right back at you. Tragically, in this unprovoked class war, the penniless have given the Tories all the tools they need to screw them down even tighter and in this dictatorship of the bourgeoisie we’re all victims of a savage mob that cares more about heavily insured plate glass and trinkets than the future of the nation’s youth.


Friday, August 12th, 2011