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30th November Rant

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Fear of Socialism?

On the eve of the UK public sector workers strike lets remember that when other Governments hack services to bloody ribbons to sate the bestial predators amongst the elites they serve, there’s proper hell to pay. Twenty four hours will show them what difference we make to this society but a week will hit them where it counts; in the wallet. It would be worth spending a week’s pay to hear the shrieks and howls of snared Tory scavengers. An avalanche of threats, slurs and taunts won’t save a chinless crew of toff scalpers and their cronies from drowning in the shit they talk all day long. How do they get away with the hysterical crap they spout about 15 minute desk strikes, border control, passport queues and emergency hospital cover when what they really want is a privatised world of endless consumption and nightmare personal debt? The Tories are out for directors and shareholders and everyone else is expendable; human filler to be stuffed in wherever profits dictate.

Their chums from the think tanks talk as though wealth is created by the bloated boss class when it’s you and me that make their money for them. They even expect us to swallow tax CUTS for the rich when it’s the rich that should be paying to get us out of this debt hell. Smug pundits and economists start from the concept of exchange (buying and selling to you and me) when production is where the rip off starts. Or else they talk as though global stock jobbing makes Marx’s prognosis redundant. But the game hasn’t changed and you can’t spend money alone on a desert island. Wealth is socially generated and socially expended and it belongs to the people who really produce it. One thing these bleating twerps have managed to do however is smear Socialism. You’ll never hear it mentioned in the media. It’s the elephant in the room and we have to reclaim the word and the spirit of mass resistance to this rain of fists.

All of us in the public sector are being flushed down the toilet. And don’t expect new Labour to reach into the bowl to snatch us back out. It’s time we all took notice of just how grim this world will be if the profiteers get their way. Plenty of young people, workers and pensioners know that already. Don’t let them blind you with that old tripe about how good you’ve got it or how you’re holding society to ransom. You ARE society. We don’t work for shareholders in the public sector. We’re doing the bloody cleaning and the caring and the teaching and it’s us that keep this thing going. Don’t wait till you’re on the dole and working for free in some factory or supermarket. Let this be the first of many strikes till we get some justice. Stand up tomorrow and fight back!