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Rant 10/7/12

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

Tory think tankers must be busting a gut tarting up the tripe they spew into what’s left of our working lives on a daily basis. Their ramshackle plans for employment law reform are a cheap veneer on the medieval nonsense that was used to justify tax cuts for the rich. Are we really meant to believe that the boss class will hire more readily if they can fire at will or that they’ll stop avoiding tax if we don’t ask them for any? Have the struggles of countless working people over 2 centuries of class war been in vain? Well of course not. We have to fight on, but nevertheless all of us are being subjected to a foul dripping poison concocted to induce blind bigotry. How else could they get away with blaming 120,000 families for ruining society and not get laughed out of office? Or is it just a coincidence that the last time we had full employment we also had the lowest crime levels on record?

Cameron scapegoats to perfection, particularly when old Tory farts start bellyaching that he’s not right wing enough. Jimmy Carr may be a selfish prat but he’s not Philip Green is he? This kind of shabby manipulation of public opinion is a Tory speciality but when it comes to attacking the nations unemployed youth and evicting them from their digs, nobody is going to wear it. Welfare mums, rioting yobs, benefits scroungers and all the other straw targets of Tory folklore are shoved in the stocks and pelted on a weekly basis while the lords of the manor are getting away with supping all and paying nowt. How do they try to blind us to this injustice? By pretending to be personally outraged at tax avoidance and then forgetting to do anything about it. By pretending to be gobsmacked at their chums in the banks for ripping us off with made up interest rates, and then quietly doing nothing about it. But God help you if you pinch some trainers.

We live in a country where the richest pay on average 10% tax and we’re supposed to swallow austerity as though it’s going to cure all. Tory wolves dress up as sheep and then bleat into their media foghorns about choice and freedom and because you’ll never hear a socialist on the BBC, nobody will point out that in the great LibCon trick only cash can buy you a future. Instead of staffing the Revenue so they can snatch back the £120 billion that the bloated top dogs avoid stumping up every year they cut it back by 30,000 jobs. Instead of pumping this lost cash into the NHS they declare it bankrupt and sell it off to profiteers. And throughout this flagrant asset stripping the same voices keep talking up the same tattered crap about standards, entrepreneurship and deregulation. Smug snouts from the same trough grunt on about not blaming the great business minds in the City for lying and robbing; we must encourage them to invest in the nation for all our sakes. Meanwhile in France, President Hollande plans to introduce a 75% tax on incomes over 1 million euros. After 30 years of avaricious global business elites running rampant hoovering up our wages at last someone is going to make them cough some back up. What did Cameron say? “Ooh they’re welcome to come here if they want”. But ask yourself how often are rats seen boarding a sinking ship?