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Thatcher Rant

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Thatcher is dead and here at Surplus Value we’re jubilant. The Tory press are right; we’re full of hate. We hate injustice, oppression, bigotry and the parasitical classes that still infest our society. Thatcher was full of hate too. Hatred for trades unions, for teachers and nurses, for gay people, for feminists, for the idea of a caring community. Thatcher and her kind want a dog eat dog world where ripping off your neighbour is the key to success and where the privileged can live it up behind high gates. In her world every higher human instinct is derided and trampled and only the venal are rewarded.

We believe that most people are socialists at heart. Most people believe in fair play, in equal opportunities for all, in an impartial justice system and provision for the sick, the elderly and the poor. Jesus Christ was that kind of socialist and the only time he lost his temper was with the moneylenders in the temple.  But Thatcher wasn’t interested in any of that. She encouraged the moneylenders; flogged off social housing and then refused to replace it; criminalised even the mention of homosexuality in our education system; cut taxes for the rich by more than half and corporations from 52 to 35% and then tried to increase it for everyone else. She destroyed the manufacturing base of our economy, sent unemployment spiralling, decimated mining communities throughout the country and flogged off our national assets to pamper her pals. Just ask the Irish or the Argentineans or black South Africans about her brand of corner shop colonialism. The Big Bang she had with her b-movie buddy Ronald Reagan gave the world to the bankers and look what happened. Make no mistake; the name of the game was to create a global super rich elite and to screw everyone else.

By the time she’d done all that, even die hard Tories had had enough. And now, what’s left? A burned out husk of a nation where only the affluent can get ahead and where there are no jobs, no homes and no prospects unless your daddy owns the company. Don’t be fooled by the spin. In Tory speak, ‘freedom’ is freedom for the rich and ‘choice’ is choice for those who can pay. Karl Marx said capitalism turns all relations into money relations but for the Tories that would be paradise. We believe nobody really wants that.  Thatcher said there would never be another socialist government in Britain. It’s the one thing she’s been right about so far. It’s time to prove her wrong.