Rant 18/11/12

Yet again, for the umpteenth time and with predictably devastating results Israel has been ‘protecting’ its borders and civilian population. So far, this entails over 200 airstrikes on Gaza, with enough firepower to flatten Wales rather than a strip not 30 miles long. Gaza, the biggest open prison on the planet, will endure bombardment, slaughter and condemnation in equal measure. It will be derided for having the temerity to democratically elect Hamas, one of the few organizations resisting the apartheid state of Israel in its collective punishment of Palestinians.

Casualties will occur on both sides, however the death toll inside Gaza will be a hundredfold greater and its infrastructure will be shattered beyond repair. In January 2009 Operation Cast Lead saw the Israelis murder over 1,300 civilians, 500 of them children. Not one single western media empire (that’s Fox News & Sky to you and me) cared to mention the dropping of phosphorous bombs, chemical weapons outlawed by the international community. The USA, UK and other European defenders of freedom arm Israel to the teeth. This is not a David and Goliath combat; it’s like a five year old going into battle against an 18 stone rugby player.

Western leaders will call for restraint whilst the troops will swell Israel’s borders waiting for the air assault to meter out as much devastation as is humanly possible within a 24-hour period. Obama, Cameron and co will regret the loss of life and discuss lasting peace, knowing full well that the vice like pressure of the Zionist lobby in both countries will block any meaningful intervention.

Palestine’s only genuine hope comes from within the Egyptian revolution. A demand for real economic sanctions against Israel and the opening of its borders to bring aid and support is the immediate need for the people of Gaza. Talk of restraint will be drowned out by the piercing vengeful scream of F16 fighter-bombers.

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