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January 17th, 2012


30th November Rant

November 29th, 2011

Fear of Socialism?

On the eve of the UK public sector workers strike lets remember that when other Governments hack services to bloody ribbons to sate the bestial predators amongst the elites they serve, there’s proper hell to pay. Twenty four hours will show them what difference we make to this society but a week will hit them where it counts; in the wallet. It would be worth spending a week’s pay to hear the shrieks and howls of snared Tory scavengers. An avalanche of threats, slurs and taunts won’t save a chinless crew of toff scalpers and their cronies from drowning in the shit they talk all day long. How do they get away with the hysterical crap they spout about 15 minute desk strikes, border control, passport queues and emergency hospital cover when what they really want is a privatised world of endless consumption and nightmare personal debt? The Tories are out for directors and shareholders and everyone else is expendable; human filler to be stuffed in wherever profits dictate.

Their chums from the think tanks talk as though wealth is created by the bloated boss class when it’s you and me that make their money for them. They even expect us to swallow tax CUTS for the rich when it’s the rich that should be paying to get us out of this debt hell. Smug pundits and economists start from the concept of exchange (buying and selling to you and me) when production is where the rip off starts. Or else they talk as though global stock jobbing makes Marx’s prognosis redundant. But the game hasn’t changed and you can’t spend money alone on a desert island. Wealth is socially generated and socially expended and it belongs to the people who really produce it. One thing these bleating twerps have managed to do however is smear Socialism. You’ll never hear it mentioned in the media. It’s the elephant in the room and we have to reclaim the word and the spirit of mass resistance to this rain of fists.

All of us in the public sector are being flushed down the toilet. And don’t expect new Labour to reach into the bowl to snatch us back out. It’s time we all took notice of just how grim this world will be if the profiteers get their way. Plenty of young people, workers and pensioners know that already. Don’t let them blind you with that old tripe about how good you’ve got it or how you’re holding society to ransom. You ARE society. We don’t work for shareholders in the public sector. We’re doing the bloody cleaning and the caring and the teaching and it’s us that keep this thing going. Don’t wait till you’re on the dole and working for free in some factory or supermarket. Let this be the first of many strikes till we get some justice. Stand up tomorrow and fight back!

Rant 20/8/11

August 20th, 2011

Odd how the rich never go looting isn’t it? I mean the 1% of the UK population who own 21% of our wealth. Or rather, they do loot, but nobody sees them doing it. No glass gets broken, the televisions stay plugged in and the bonfires are too far distant to spot. In fact it’s business as usual, which, come to think of it, is probably how they get away with it. For centuries the ruling classes have been milking us for profit and robbing us blind and the sums involved are infinitely bigger than the price of a pair of pumps. They don’t get caught and clubbed over the head and you can’t watch them being led to the courtroom in cuffs or chased down the road by righteous hacks demanding penitence. Their mugshots don’t show up on hoardings and there are no campaigns to ‘shop a hedge fund manager’. Nobody passes a law to confiscate their houses or punish their Mums for spawning them. Their share of the blame is easily ducked while their bank accounts bulge with interest payments.

How would they cope without cash, without the prospect of work, stuck in some miserable dump of an estate enduring the withering contempt and routine harassment of the law? How would they manage without their inheritance, their old boy network, their cronyism, their favours paid and received, their media mates to sanitise their self-serving antics while misdirecting public rage and fogging the facts. Make no mistake, the rich set the bar for smash and grab in this country and they’ll stop at nothing to defend what John Pilger called their ‘enduring privilege’.

And of course nobody will use the ‘C’ word. Capitalism spews readies, power and political pals straight into the open pockets of the few, and crushes the rest of us into dust. Capitalism creates an unemployed labour pool to keep wages down; capitalism destroys lives, junks entire regions, divides families and neighbours and ‘turns all relations into money relations.’ The riots have nothing to do with the decline of spiritual values, or innate criminality or bad parenting or useless teachers. All these are symptoms, sprouting from the same diseased stalk and you can cut them back as much as you like, they’ll spring right back at you. Tragically, in this unprovoked class war, the penniless have given the Tories all the tools they need to screw them down even tighter and in this dictatorship of the bourgeoisie we’re all victims of a savage mob that cares more about heavily insured plate glass and trinkets than the future of the nation’s youth.


August 12th, 2011


Rant 6/7/11

July 6th, 2011

Anyone who took part in the strikes of June 30th will have noticed, or perhaps endured is the better word, the flatulent gales of disapproval gusting in from the print and broadcast media. Most of us will also have opened the usual letter from the management sometime beforehand, reminding us of where the battle lines are drawn in the hierarchies of the public sector. Ours called the strike “pointless” but maybe one day during some improbable pause in the struggle we can all meet up and compare notes about how the scabs and class traitors in education described a glorious day of solidarity and resistance.

The rusty toolbox of invective lugged out by the elite and their cronies every time they hear their backdoors straining to hold back the multitude, is a highly amusing cowboy kit of imperialist measures, crude levers and old screws. Scouring the streets and the Web for someone prepared to run down the teachers, Toryboy hacks were forced to focus on childcare as the only conceivable point of a school for the average mum. Obviously reading and writing can be taught by anyone. Teachers plunge overnight from begrudged sainthood to scumdom any time they make a stand on principle but don’t mention those other incalculable benefits of schooling if you’re going to trash the profession. Oh and what about this spurious distinction between “taxpayers” and public sector workers? Surplus Value and the rest of the 20% of taxpayers in the public sector are lucky to have enough left for a pizza once the revenue’s finished with us. What about the £150 billion worth of tax avoidance the posh have managed to pull off? Or the billions squandered bailing out other countries bankers?

But let’s be fair, the smug thugs in power are pretty good at weeding out subversives from the lefty hothouses of the nation aren’t they? Cutting humanities funding by 100% was a clever move but we’ll have to wait to see how the UK’s world class status in the arts fares after 2012. Mind you slashing the cash to the Arts Council did a grand job of closing venues so maybe no-one will notice if our culture dies on its knees. There’s always plenty of sovs for slaughter as the cost of the genocide in Iraq and Afghanistan tops £20 billion and even Libya leaves no change out of £260 million. Those of us who are determined to call a halt to this shower of smug shits are undeterred. They’ve rewritten the rules, moved the goalposts, whitewashed themselves and their mates and now they want to scalp the poor sods who still believe in fair play. They won’t win, because they’re wrong and they’ve always been wrong and because we won’t back down.

TUC March 26/3/11

April 3rd, 2011


Surplus Value/Kennard Phillipps exhibition

March 21st, 2011


Osborne Isn’t Working

March 7th, 2011


Rant 13/2/11

February 13th, 2011

Tunisia was the spark and Egypt is the flame. Red-hot molten anger has poured out onto the streets, venting decades of built up fury towards dictators whose abuse of human rights is legend. Police brutality, high food prices and pitifully low wages are the normal traits of such regimes, whilst the wealthy and pampered enjoy a luxurious existence unimaginable to the average worker. It has finally become too much to bear and the call for revolution has been met with mass action.

Meanwhile the Western press has praised the move towards democracy and toppling of dictatorships, which we have propped up for generations. Phrases such as the “need for stability ” translate as the need to maintain profit for the countless US & Western companies who demand dirt-cheap labour within the region. In Cairo, empty tear gas shells are stamped “Made in the USA”. Both revolutions are balancing on a precipice; the counter-revolutionary forces will not hand over power at the drop of a hat. The police and hired thugs have already beaten and murdered hundreds at the behest of those with financial vested interests.

Israel and Western powers quiver with blind panic at the thought of workers acting together to challenge their dominance over this ever so precious region. The Palestinians will be sharply focused on the unlimited possibilities for their own destiny. Mubarak may be gone but Suleiman, his possible replacement, is a torturer par excellence and will only bring more misery to the Egyptian workers. The real question is what can they be replaced with, workers power or more barbarism?

commoners are revolting, aren’t they Charles?

December 10th, 2010